Group BeconfiDent Europe AB launch the Dutch webshop

BeconfiDent continue to grow in Europe. With the recent launch of e-commerce and retail website entities covering Scandinavia, as well as Czech Republic, Group BeconfiDent Europe AB is pleased to introduce its most recent website to the world;

“Our goal from the start was to create a stable, scalable platform for continuous improvement of e-commerce” said Mattias Hultberg. “Our platform allows us to quickly move forward with web technology and e-commerce advances, including on-line training for partners and enhanced customer interaction.

As Holland has a well developed logistic infrastructure we see a huge potential in the retail market. Focus is now to build and support the dutch retail market as this will set the standard for our retail division in Europe.

BeconfiDent opens new subsidiaries in Scandinavia

BeconfiDent opened new Scandinavian subsidiaries, which will be the hub for expanding the Group’s activities in northern Europe. The Group’s subsidiaries in Scandinavia opened in October. Scandinavia with Sweden, Denmark, Norway  and Finland are dynamic markets with a large number of potential new consumers. We are proud to offer the products on and as of today and we continue to look for partners in Finland.

By opening these two new subsidiaries in Northern Europe, the BeconfiDent Group is reaffirming its confidence in the region’s growth potential. Through its mission to make oral beauty universal, the BeconfiDent Group is enabling access to quality products that meet all oral beauty health needs.

BeconfiDent has been operating in Sweden since end 2010, and its presence in the Northern Europe will now open up for the planned further expansion into Europe. Before mid 2013 the group will comprise totally nine subsidiaries in Europe.  All product developing is taking place in Sweden and with the Research and Innovation testing centre in USA.

Beauty in Scandinavia
Scandinavia has a great tradition of beauty practices: most women spend a lot of time on beauty, paying particular attention to a white and healthy smile. BeconfiDent will continue to develop product that will boost your confidence.