Visit BeconfiDent at SWEDENTAL!


We wish you welcome to visit BeconfiDent and SWEDENTAL exhibition in Stockholm!

We will introduce many new innovative products “Designed in Sweden – Made in USA” during Swedental for professional dentists. New products are our PreClean Pens and Pre Whitening Swabs – both to prepare and accelerate the whitening process – Please visit us in HALL A stand nr 16:48.

Dentists all over the Nordic region will now have a new partner – BeconfiDent

We want to make teeth whitening as natural and easy as your daily tooth brushing. Our commitment is to provide your clients with the best and easiest way to improve your customers oral health. Either it is with the BeconfiDent teeth whitening products or with high end ultra sonic toothbrush. We want to make people smile!

The BeconfiDent way
-Our business concept has been developed to have 100% customer satisfaction– there is no doubt that our customers are the most important focus.

Do you want to become part of our online and retail business in a country or specific market? Do you want to work in an innovative environment where we challenge every opportunity for growth? We want to make teeth whitening as natural and easy as your daily tooth brushing. Our commitment is to provide people with the best and easiest way to improve their oral health. Either it is with the BeconfiDent teeth whitening products or with high end tooth pastes. We want to make people smile!

EU Directive Regarding Teeth Whitening Products starts 1 November across Europe – NEW!

The European Commission has set  a new Directive on teeth whitening products! The European Commission has voted for decision that tooth whitening products are classified as cosmetic products under Annex III, Part I of the Cosmetics Directive, 76/768/EEC and there fore there is a new regulation making sure that all tooth whitening products are safe for the user. Beconfident group has been working on the new teeth whitening products since 2011 and will launch them end of October to comply in full with the regulation. Upon advice from the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, the following guidelines have been adopted by the Commission and are to be implemented into a new Directive to be transposed into national legislation by each of the EU member states within 12 months. Only teeth whitening products with less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide may be sold on the open market in the European Union. Products containing between 0.1%-6% hydrogen peroxide content may only be sold to dentists, and only under the following conditions:

The first use of each cycle of the product must be completed by a dentist as a clinical examination, after which use may be continued by the patient. Use of these products by clients under 18 years of age is not permitted, even under supervision of a dentist.

All teeth whitening products with hydrogen peroxide levels higher than 6% are banned in the European Union from 2012-11-01

The new directive strengthens the Commission stance on Hydrogen Peroxide levels for the safety and health of all consumers in the European Union. Beconfident holds the EU certification for the cleaning and whitening foam products and are tested by UK STR / UL for Europe. We apply the strongest manufacturing techniques to assure the highest quality – all for the total customer satisfaction.

Protect the enamel and get a shiny smile

“-The best way to maintain your shiny and white teeth is to protect them from being discolored.”  One of BeconfiDent new innovative products helps you to keep the white smile, the product protects the enamel from discoloration from coffee, tea and food. In addition it gives a shiny look which enhances the whiteness of the smile.

The product works by imparting a shiny, polished and protective coating to your teeth.

Discolored teeth can seriously ruin your self confidence. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s not fair. But we also do know that this is what does happen whenever you see someone for the first time, and the first impression last.

Try it out by ordering the Tooth Gloss that exists in 3 flavors; Mint, Cherry and Berry to suit any individual taste. Our Tooth Gloss is delivered in a smart hygienic airless bottle and it’s easy to carry along and used any time. Order from BeconfiDent e-commerce sites today.