Beconfident best in test !

Beconfident Double Split

Beconfident is still best in test regarding teeth whitening ! A swedish beauty blog has made a review about our startkit, dual foam and whiteamin.

The conclusion? We get a 5 out of 5 ! 

Find the article in swedish below :

Beconfident commercial


Beconfident takes the next step in becoming even more viral !

We are currently working on a new video commercial that will be aired in Sweden and all around Europe. The production are held by Mecs that have a long experience in making creative commercials with feeling and style.

We will also be making some new media content for our products and the working mechanism behind them.

There are much to come on Beconfidents schedule! Stay tuned !

Beconfident Benelux is now live

For the past two months we’ve been working hard on launching our first bilingual website –!

Belgium is a country in the heart of Europe and Brussels is often adressed as the capital of Europe. This is what made the market of 11 million people the obvious next step for Beconfident to enter. Belgium is divided into two parts – Flanders and Wallonia. One part being dutch speaking and the other french speaking. This is of course a challenge when building a website but we believe it looks as good as any of our others.

Next site to be launched will most likely be Holland. They will both be managed through our daughter company Beconfident Benelux S.P.R.L. We can also announce that both of these countries have partnered up with Tradetracker and hope for a very successful relationship!

You can visit our Belgian website here: