The development of the new Beconfident Acne range of products has been done entirely Dr. Jan Wadstein, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor. He has made research and development during the last 20+ years.

Dr. Jan Wadstein has developed our Clear Skin series of products against Acne and pimples;

Dr. Jan Wadstein, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor Lund University, Sweden.
Born 1938, married, two children, lives in Malmoe Sweden.
Academic education:
Natural and Social Science Studies, University of Lund, Sweden1960–1963
Medical and Natural Science studies, University of Basel, Switzerland1963–1964
Cand. of Medicine, University of Lund, Sweden1966
Registered Physician1972
Diploma as company physician1975
Specialist in general medicine1978
Associate Professor, University of Lund, Sweden1982
Competence as Professor in General Medicine, University Hospital Aarhus, Denmark 1982-
Competence as Professor in Clinical Alcohol Research, University Hospital Umeå, Sweden 1984-
Competence as Professor, University of Applied Science, Riedlingen, Germany 1999-
Research Assistant in Genetics, University of Lund, Sweden1962-1966
Research Assistant in Surgery, University Hospital Malmö1969-1970
Research Assistant in War and Catastrophe Medicine, University Hospital Malmö, Sweden 1970-1971
Surgery, University Hospital Malmö and Lund, Sweden (Head: prof. H. Wulff) 1968-1971
Internal medicine, University Hospital Malmö and Lund (Head: prof. J. Waldenström) 1971-1973
Medical officer in general practice1973-1974
Chief medical officer1974-1976
Research Assistant in Paediatric, University Hospital Malmö, Sweden1977
Associate Chief of Science, Dept. of Alcohol Diseases, University Hospital Malmö and Lund 1976-1983
Competence as Professor in General Medicine, University Hospital Aarhus, Denmark 1982-
Competence as Professor in Clinical Alcohol Research, University Hospital Umeå, Sweden 1984-
Medical Adviser, Boots Company, UK1984
Medical Director, Bayer1985-1990
Head of Research and Development, Medicina AB, Lund, Sweden1990-1995
Chief in Service, Red Cross Hospital, Bergen, Norway1996-1998
Competence as Professor, University of Applied Science, Riedlingen, Germany 1999-
Medical Adviser, Natural ASA Ltd., Oslo, Norway1998-2001
Medical/Clinical Consultat2001-

Scientific publications/patents:
More than 100 published.
Patent holder of several patents within medical technology and skin care products.
TV activities as medical/clinical expert:
Swedish Television Company. Chronic Alcohol Diseases1980
Finnish Television Company. Chronic Alcohol Diseases and Chromosone damages 1979
Swedish Television Company. Insulin needle invented by Dr J Wadstein1996
CNN. 1 hour live show with Dr Barry Fox. CLA actions and its metabolic effects 1999
SAT 1 (Germany). 20 minutes interview regarding Psoriasis and its treatment 2001
Several shorter interviews in different countries in connection with international symposia’s, summits etc.
Professional assosiations
Swedish Medical Society.
Royal Society of Medicine (England)


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